Welcome to the Me Me Me Plc Investor HQ, where you’ll find answers to ABSOLUTELY ALL of your questions. How will it actually work? How can I tell my press chums all about it? How can I create a Home Boiler Room? How can I contribute EVEN MORE to the Me Me Me Plc floatation juggernaut?

How Me Me Me Plc will actually work – read our handy PDF guide here

I want to tell my press chums – if you know anyone in the media why not ping them a news release. Journos love a local angle, so we’ve included space to include some quotes from You You You. If you don’t want to be mentioned fear not we’ve got one that’s just about Me Me Me.

  • If you want the press release that includes You You You click here
  • If you’d prefer just to talk about Me Me Me click here

Investors’ Bolier Room – never one to shirk innovation, Me Me Me Plc has created THE WORLD’S FIRST Investors’ Boiler Room so that all our shareholders can really PUMP THEIR STOCK.

Inspired by the film Boiler Room (staring, amongst others the truly sizzling Ben Affleck), we want you to contact your friends, family, sworn enemies even, and persuade them by fair means or foul to buy ME ME ME PLC. As Ben says, there’s always a sale in a sales call. Either you sell to them, or they sell you a “no”.

You’ll find all the tools you need here to ensure your Boiler Room makes us all LOTS AND LOTS OF MONEY. Dont forget the more you pump, the more the IP of the stock is worth – ERGO the more YOU’RE WORTH. And pumping stock is SO MUCH FUN.

Don’t know what to write: Fear not, we’ve written a sample email for you here

They’ll laugh in my face: Au contraire. Sales is all about countering objections, and to make our BOILER ROOM a super-synch we’ve created our very own Sales Script here

How to contribute ideas – there’s no ‘I’ in Me Me Me Plc, but there is a ‘U’. And that ‘U’ is you, the shareholders.

I’ve already been offered some fantastic ideas about how to evolve Me Me Me Plc and how to communicate the idea in a more effective way. But I want more. Send any ideas, however insane, to:

Thank You You You.


2 Responses to “Investors”

  1. Brent December 20, 2010 at 7:44 pm #

    I think this is a great idea but I just had one question about floating as a public limited company. Now forgive me for not knowing much about the workings of the city, but isn’t a plc designed to protect the owner of a company. How can you “give away” shares of yourself as a plc?

    • Cathal Morrow December 21, 2010 at 1:32 pm #

      Thanks, Brent. You’re right, we’ll initially be a private limited company, and all being well when we get enough money to float we’ll become a public limited company.

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