Rent a bit of Me

Whilst I’ll be retaining all essential organs, I’d be simply thrilled to rent out certain choice body parts to companies who want to be associated with the hottest stock since Enron.

Of course at Me Me Me Plc we won’t take just anyone’s cash, so you’ve got to be 100 per cent ethically sound. We’ll give you as much publicity as we can (on the website etc), and all your lovely money will go into the floatation pot.

I truly believe that a good CEO should be a masterful scrounger – and I’m on the scrounge. Work for a law firm that loves to do nutty pro bono work?  Drop me a line. Own a website or logo design company? Do let me know. Own some nifty social networking software? I LOVE YOU. And rest assured, we’ll do our very best to let the whole world know you’ve given to the Me Me Me Plc cause.

If you’d like to know more, why not drop our Fully Dedicated Sponsorship / Scrounging Team (Me) a line at


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